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Josh “Jelli” Ellison is a multi-genre music producer, audio engineer, and podcast host.


With classical foundations at age 4, rock recordings in highschool, EDM production in university, and now Hip Hop production, Jelli expresses a thorough understanding of composition in his music. Often fusing elements from these four genre pillars, his music is the perfect blend of experimental and contemporary; as heard in his latest release 24, a dubstep remix of rapper Spitty’s original song.


From his downtown recording studio, Jelli records and engineers, participates in artists development, and collaborates on projects. Also, through his podcast Jelli’s Underground, he meets the city’s artists and entrepreneurs to discuss the artistry process, business practices, and passion.


Currently, he is working with local business owners to organize a networking event for the 519 Hip Hop community and adjacent service providers.


While continually blurring work and play, he looks forward to further exploring life on earth.

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