My 2016 album. During this phase of my life I wanted to be a DJ. I had seen Skrillex perform live in Toronto and fell in love with the energy. That was going to be me one day, blasting my tunes to a sea of rave bunnies. Ooooh the dreams I had.

The photo for the album cover is from my performance in the first annual "de-stress-tival" during exam week. A good idea for an event... but few people showed up as most students were cramming for the class they slept through (ahem... the educations system is a trap).

Anyways I blasted my perfectly crafted set, full of top 40 mashups with HEAVY EDM BANGERS BRO, and bathed in the energy of the lights and sounds. I have been on stage my whole life. From the piano recitals of the early years to the recent open mic nights I have been drawn to the power of the stage.

The stage. It calls to me. That's why I built a stage in the studio. It's all about the energy.